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As part of the ARM institute’s Covid-19 Focused Robotics Projects, the Automation of Characterization and Evaluation project seeks to improve the quality assurance processes of PPE manufacturing.

The quality assurance procedures for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), such as facemasks, is labor intensive and time consuming. Sample testing of PPE has become a priority not only in manufacturing plants but also at medical centers. The national labs providing validation testing for PPE are reporting lead times up to 75 days due to lack of qualified technicians and overwhelming volume of new requests. This project aimed to develop a robotic system to automate the quality assurance tests for PPE inspection, thus improving the performance, productivity, and efficiency of PPE manufacturing in the United States.

This project is a collaboration between Northeastern University, Merrow Manufacturing, and Boston Engineering. Affiliated Faculty: Taskin Padir.

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02/24/21 – BOSTON, MA – Students test medical protective gear using robots in the ISEC building on Feb 24, 2021. Photo by Matthew Modoono/Northeastern University

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